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Scan Basic 2 Spare Parts

Help picking your parts

  1. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  2. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Set burn chamber plates Basic 1 51006264 N/A View *
Baffle plate Basic 1 51006452 £ POA Baffle plate Basic 1zoom *
Glass for door Basic 1 51006757 £96.00 View
Glass for door Basic 1 51006758 £127.98 View
Glass for baking door Basic 2 51006761 N/A View *
Bauart 1-spring (order 2) 50037791 N/A View *
Log guard EU 51037780 N/A View *
Set locking pawls (for stove with high door - glass height 320 or 325) 51037788 N/A View *
Gold handle door without distance piece 51037856 N/A View *
Gold handle ash tray 51037857 N/A View *
Chrome handle door without distance piece 51037859 N/A View *
Chrome handle ash tray 51037860 N/A View *
SCAN Grey Spray Paint 200ml 50006004 £35.20 SCAN Grey Spray Paint 200mlzoom