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Identify your Stove

Your Jøtul stove is supplied with a data plate attached to its body. 

The data plate gives information relating to that appliance such as output, distance to combustibles, model number and unique information relating to the individual appliance.

In order to register your product you will need to locate the data plate on your appliance and retrieve 4 pieces of information from it.

On traditional Jøtul products the data plate is normally at the back of the appliance and on modern Jøtul appliances it is secured under the heat shield or attached by a metal braid. Below is an example of Jøtul data plate (the design of yours may vary) the information required for registration has been marked out in red. This is model number, Lot no, year and pin.

In addition to the model number, this website uses a suffix to indicate the colour variations, as per the list below:

BP – Black Paint
GP – Grey Paint
BBE – Blue Black Enamel
GRE – Grey Enamel
BRM – Brown Majolica Enamel
IVE – Ivory Enamel
IBE – Indigo Blue Enamel
WHE – White Enamel
OGE – Ocean Green Enamel
BLM -  Blue Majolica Enamel