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Scan 38 Spare Parts

Help picking your parts

  1. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  2. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Upper Part Riddling Grate Old 51005838 £42.68 Upper Part Riddling Grate Oldzoom
Pin for smoke deflector cassette (2 pcs. Are required) 51006043 N/A View *
Front stone Scan 38 51006288 N/A View *
Baffle plate Scan 38 front, horizontal 51006427 N/A View *
Baffle plate Scan 38 upper, loose 51006428 N/A View *
Smoke deflector cassette for Scan 38 51006468 N/A View *
Set burn chamber plates Scan 38 51007302 N/A View *
Gasket Rope
Gasket. Type C x 3m
Used for: Door, type C (3 m)
51006550 £30.00 Gasket. Type C x 3mzoom
Gasket. Type E x 3m
Used for: Glass, type E (3 m)
51006552 £47.74 Gasket. Type E x 3mzoom
Gasket. Type G x 3m
Used for: Glass, type G (3 m)
51006554 £50.81 Gasket. Type G x 3mzoom
Gasket. Type N x 3m
Used for: Ash drawer, type N (3 m)
51006560 £35.80 Gasket. Type N x 3mzoom
Glass for Scan 38 50006710 £308.70 View
Riddling grate complete 51005839 £105.47 Riddling grate completezoom
Lower part riddling grate 51005886 £77.99 View
Connecting piece Ø 180 black, without fittings 51005905 N/A View *
Set fittings for connecting piece 51005916 £12.10 Set fittings for connecting piecezoom
Protection rail for baffle plate 51037781 £25.40 View
Connecting piece Ø 180 grey, without fittings 51044353 N/A View *
SCAN Grey Spray Paint 200ml 50006004 £35.20 SCAN Grey Spray Paint 200mlzoom