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Jøtul MF 3 Black Paint (BP) Spare Parts


The MF 3 (or F3 M) is a true multi-fuel version of the iconic cast iron Jøtul F 3 TD.

You can identify the MF 3 by the following features:

  • A separate ash pan under the stove
  • Single, simple, cast iron baffle
  • Rear burn plate has distinctive fluted top part

Many parts are shared with the F3 TD
NB: the F3 TD has a multi fuel conversion kit but it doesn't have its own ash pan.

Help picking your parts

  1. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  2. Spare Parts List [Open PDF]

    Open the spare parts list and use the position number from the exploded diagram to find a part number and part name.

  3. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Burn Plate Rear F3 TD 12015222 £89.08 View
Burn plate Side F3 TD 12015224 £36.40 View
Baffle plate F3 TD 12015555 £50.04 View
MF3 Bottom Grate 12018845 £53.22 View
Door without vent, without glass F3 Black Paint (BP) 12020829 £208.62 View
Door ashroom complete MF3 Black Paint (BP) 12021607 £81.52 View
Gasket Rope
Gasket for smoke outlet (round pad) 10023960 £8.52 View
Gasket Flat 10024235 £12.16 View
Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for air box (410mm), Gasket for Glass (1150mm)
50027201 £26.11 View
Gasket 8.7mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Door (1480mm)
50027202 £25.32 View
Gasket 9.5mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Top plate (1800mm)
50027203 £26.11 View
Glass F3 CB and TD 10024008 £81.66 View
Glass Clip 12020930 £7.44 View
Glass Cleaner (400ml) GLASS002 £7.00 View
T Handle Locking Bar 10024022 £11.88 View
Wooden Knob For Handle 10024025 £7.80 View
Handle Latch 10024167 £5.40 View
Door Handle Curved Black 12017310 £ POA View *
Handle complete with wooden knob. Black 12021215 £44.20 View
Ash Door Handle Complete 12021523 £91.20 View
Wooden Knob Ash house 12021540 £13.96 View
1 Leg 215mm Black Paint (BP) 12015042 £27.40 View
Air Vent Slider. F3/F8. Chrome. 10019989 £23.80 View
Ash box 10024234 £46.60 View
Hinge pin 10024387 £3.66 View
Ash house complete with shield and container F3 Black Paint (BP) 10025482 £165.88 View
MF3 Sector valve Black Paint (BP) 10439792 £ POA View *
Traverse Bar 12014263 £6.82 View
Blanking Plate F3 TD Black Paint (BP) 12015108 £51.96 View
Back plate F3 TD Black Paint (BP) 12015187 £137.82 View
Side plate F3 TD Black Paint (BP) 12015195 £112.12 View
Ash/Log retainer F3 Black Paint (BP) 12015553 £42.28 View
Air deflector F3 Black Paint (BP) 12015558 £70.87 View
Bottom Grate Outer MF3 12018843 £70.60 View
Top Plate complete F3 TD Black Paint (BP) 12021609 £238.24 View
Round Knob, plastic 124516 £13.42 View
Ash lip Black Paint (BP) 153583 £ POA View *
Spark screen 350166 N/A View
Heat Shield Complete F3 TD / MF3 350319 £242.28 View
Jøtul Single Can Black Paint Pre 2018 - 400ml 50027282 £14.83 View
Jøtul Black Paint Pre 2018 - 400ml - Case of 12 PAINT001 £132.05 View
Screws and Fastenings
Nut 6K M6 10023475 £0.76 View
Screw Hex Head M6 X 20mm 10023540 £0.88 View
Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mm 10023541 £0.88 View
Nut hexagonal 10023552 £0.88 View
M6 X 8Mm Screw Allen Key Head 10023561 £0.78 View
Washer F St Iron P3/8Td (Ic)B 10023578 £0.88 View
Pin 5 X 24 Mbt 10023592 £1.26 View
Screw Pan H Pos M6 X 40 Elz 10023611 £1.00 View
Screw 10023689 £0.83 View
Locking nut 10023698 £ POA View *
Washer, insulating 10023919 £1.06 View
Spring 10024011 £1.27 View
Sleeve 10024023 £2.80 View
Hinge pin, black chromated 10024103 £1.08 View
Smoke Outlets & Flue Collars
Smoke outlet, complete 150/175mm F3 TD/F8 Black Paint (BP) 12020600 £69.90 View