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Jøtul F 602 BBE Spare Parts


Jøtul F 602 is one of Jøtul's timeless classics. Designed in the lated 1930's by architects Blakstad og Munthe-Kaas and decorated by sculptor Ørnulf Bast, it has been a bestselling wood stove for many years. It has since gone through several technical upgrades and today it features modern and clean combustion.

This is a practical wood stove with both personality and character. It is easy to install in a room, it is heat efficient and is available with a practical cooking plate on the top. Jøtul F 602 has been standing steady on its little feet in Norwegian and international homes for generations and is expected to bring happiness to many future generations as well. It is available in black paint and maintenance free enamel. No wonder Jøtul F 602 is the number 1 wood stove to copy ...

Help picking your parts

  1. Interactive Exploded Parts Diagram [Open]

    The easiest way to visually identify parts and check availability.

  2. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  3. Spare Parts List [Open PDF]

    Open the spare parts list and use the position number from the exploded diagram to find a part number and part name.

  4. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Burnplate, bottom 12016967 £109.96 Burnplate, bottomzoom
Air chamber, complete 12020826 £245.32 Air chamber, completezoom
Burnplate, side, with insulation 12020912 £129.04 Burnplate, side, with insulationzoom
118+602/N-Black Door Pin 10023779 £1.20 View
Gasket Rope
Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Glass (600mm)
50027201 £31.33 Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5mzoom
Gasket 8.7mm Diameter x 5m 50027202 £32.66 Gasket 8.7mm Diameter x 5mzoom
Gasket 8mm Flat x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Glass (150mm)
50027204 £36.72 Gasket 8mm Flat x 5mzoom
High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesive Flexseal £10.00 High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesivezoom
Gasket End Tape Black ROPBINDB £1.62 View
Glass For Stove 118 602 Etc 10024192 £45.22 View
Glass door, complete, BBE incl. handle 51012040 £171.36 View
Glass door, complete, BP incl. handle 51012041 £180.00 Glass door, complete, BP incl. handlezoom
Nut 6K M6 10023475 £1.20 Nut 6K M6zoom
Screw Syl Head M6 X 30 Mm 10023620 £1.20 Screw Syl Head M6 X 30 Mmzoom
Washer M6 X 18mm 10023780 £1.20 Washer M6 X 18mmzoom
Screw, countersunk 10023496 £1.20 View
Screw Syl. Head M 8 X 35 10023509 £1.20 Screw Syl. Head M 8 X 35zoom
Nut M8 Mm 10023517 £1.20 Nut M8 Mmzoom
Screw MachPanh Poz 10023563 £1.20 View
Door Catch 10023782 £4.90 Door Catchzoom
Knob, plastic 10023783 £8.57 Knob, plasticzoom
Spring 10024264 £1.20 View
Insulating blanket 10024286 £12.58 View
Insulating blanket 10024287 £22.37 Insulating blanketzoom
Heatshield Bottom For 602 Cb 10024311 £10.34 View
Door baffle 10315412 £ POA View *
Nail 110024 £1.08 Nailzoom
Vent baffle f/door 12014265 £45.91 View
Blanking plate, BBE 12014266 £21.11 View
Blanking plate, BP 12014269 £41.76 Blanking plate, BPzoom
Flue outlet, BBE 12014342 £31.82 Flue outlet, BBEzoom
Flue outlet, BP 12014343 £37.15 Flue outlet, BPzoom
Leg, BBE, 1 pcs 12014403 £52.03 View
Leg, 1 stk BP 12014405 £47.14 Leg, 1 stk BPzoom
Hot plate 12014479 £103.22 Hot platezoom
Latch BP 12014526 £11.88 Latch BPzoom
Base plate, BBE 12014894 £257.56 View
Base plate, BP 12014897 £248.88 Base plate, BPzoom
Top plate, BBE 12014900 £183.60 View
Top plate, BP 12014902 £167.80 View
Side panel, BBE 12014905 £247.36 View
Side panel, BP 12014908 £237.66 Side panel, BPzoom
Air deflector BP 12016365 £11.75 Air deflector BPzoom
Sliding valve (Door) BP 12016371 £3.95 Sliding valve (Door) BPzoom
Air manifold 12016959 £103.22 Air manifoldzoom
Back plate, BBE 12016962 £163.20 View
Back plate, BP 12016963 £160.14 Back plate, BPzoom
Air slide vent, BP 12016971 £26.16 Air slide vent, BPzoom
Front plate, complete, BP 12020461 £133.12 View
Solid Door, complete, BP 12020473 £160.32 Solid Door, complete, BPzoom
Legs, package of four 12020477 £163.72 View
Front plate, complete, BBE 12020554 £142.80 Front plate, complete, BBEzoom
Legs, package of four 12020556 £180.04 View
Door Complete For No 118N And 602N Blue BBE 151714 £159.88 View
Decorative top, BP 320009 N/A View *
Decorative top, BBE 320063 N/A View *
Heat shield - side, compl. 50012929 £66.10 View
Bottle of touch up paint Blue Black Enamel (BBE) 10024146 £37.63 Bottle of touch up paint Blue Black Enamel (BBE)zoom
Screws and Fastenings
Screw Hex Head M6 X 25 Mm 10023536 £1.20 Screw Hex Head M6 X 25 Mmzoom
Screw Hex Head M6 X 20mm 10023540 £1.20 Screw Hex Head M6 X 20mmzoom
Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mm 10023541 £1.20 Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mmzoom
Screw Hex Head Collar M6 X 10 10023544 £1.20 Screw Hex Head Collar M6 X 10zoom
Hex Head Screw Collar M6 X 35mm 10023547 £1.20 Hex Head Screw Collar M6 X 35mmzoom
Screw Countersunk M6 X 16mm 10023556 £1.20 View
Hinge pin, black chromated 10024103 £1.20 Hinge pin, black chromatedzoom