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Jøtul F 118 Spare Parts


Jøtul F 118 is a timeless classic which has been upgraded by the inclusion of cleanburn technology and new details. It was designed in the late 1930's, amongst others by the famous artist Ørnulf Bast. The wood stove has a deep combustion chamber that cater to 60 cm logs and offers exceptionally long burntime. On the top it has a practical cooking plate.

"I bury my fire." An ancient Norwegian prayer to the fire is written on the front of the wood stove. The prayer was believed to keep fire and the dark forces away from the house and it was used in large parts of the country probably for several hundred years. The prayer also carries a religous element as fire was believed to be the strongest tool to fight off the dark forces. It is a common misunderstanding in Norway that the text comes from Håvamål.

Help picking your parts

  1. Interactive Exploded Parts Diagram [Open]

    The easiest way to visually identify parts and check availability.

  2. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  3. Spare Parts List [Open PDF]

    Open the spare parts list and use the position number from the exploded diagram to find a part number and part name.

  4. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Brick Refractory 10024470 £15.10 Brick Refractoryzoom
Brick Refractory 10025865 £12.47 View
Baffle Clip 10025873 £7.72 Baffle Clipzoom
Bottom Plate compl F 118 BP 12018943 £287.64 View
Burnplate L/R UP 12018953 £240.22 Burnplate L/R UPzoom
Baffle UP 12018958 N/A View *
Brick retainer UP 12018960 £35.50 View
Baffle Side R UP 12049470 £137.20 Baffle Side R UPzoom
Baffle Side L UP 12049471 £146.38 Baffle Side L UPzoom
Gasket Rope
Gasket, Sliding valve F 118 10025875 £4.78 View
Gasket for smoke outlet 10025882 £2.72 View
Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Glass (600mm), Gasket for secondary air tubes (150mm), Gasket for smoke outlet (1070mm), Gasket for smoke outlet (1070mm)
50027201 £31.33 Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5mzoom
Gasket 8.7mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for dør (850mm)
50027202 £32.66 Gasket 8.7mm Diameter x 5mzoom
Gasket 9.5mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket , top, upper (1657mm)
50027203 £37.50 Gasket 9.5mm Diameter x 5mzoom
Gasket 8mm Flat x 5m
Used for: Gasket for Sliding valve (door) (150mm)
50027204 £36.72 Gasket 8mm Flat x 5mzoom
Gasket. Type X x 3m 51006569 £41.62 Gasket. Type X x 3mzoom
High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesive Flexseal £10.00 High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesivezoom
Gasket End Tape Black ROPBINDB £1.62 View
Glass For Stove 118 602 Etc 10024192 £45.22 View
Glass door, complete, BP incl. handle 51012041 £180.00 Glass door, complete, BP incl. handlezoom
Glass Cleaner (400ml) GLASS002 £9.54 View
Nut 6K M6 10023475 £1.20 Nut 6K M6zoom
Washer M6 X 18mm 10023780 £1.20 Washer M6 X 18mmzoom
Screw Syl. Head M 8 X 35 10023509 £1.20 Screw Syl. Head M 8 X 35zoom
Screw Hex 10023543 £1.20 View
Screw MachPanh Poz 10023563 £1.20 View
Screw Cylh slotted 10023632 £1.50 View
Weld Nut M6 Cm6 10023633 £1.50 View
Door Catch 10023782 £4.90 Door Catchzoom
Adaptor BP 10023917 £42.24 View
Washer 018 X 06 X 1, 6 Black Crom 10024107 £1.20 View
Clip (unpainted) 10024253 £4.94 Clip (unpainted)zoom
Sleeve 10024630 £6.79 View
Regulating Bar Secondary Air F11 UP 10025860 £16.68 View
Knob Secondary Air F 118 10025861 £4.60 View
Heatshield, bottom 10025862 £32.12 Heatshield, bottomzoom
Insulating Blanket 10025877 £28.45 View
Air tube, secondary, front 10025879 £27.55 Air tube, secondary,  frontzoom
Air tube, secondary, right 10025884 £101.54 Air tube, secondary, rightzoom
Air tube, secondary, left 10025885 £101.54 Air tube, secondary,  leftzoom
Leg, 1 stk BP 12014405 £47.14 Leg, 1 stk BPzoom
Latch BP 12014526 £11.88 Latch BPzoom
Baffle For F118 12014957 £181.56 Baffle For F118zoom
Air deflector BP 12016365 £11.75 Air deflector BPzoom
Sliding valve (Door) BP 12016371 £3.95 Sliding valve (Door) BPzoom
Rear Plate, lower inner BP 12018946 £188.70 View
Side plate, lower BP 12018949 £394.24 View
Top Plate, lower BP 12018951 £280.00 Top Plate, lower BPzoom
Valve Holder For Door F 118 UP 12018956 £28.78 View
Front Plate, upper BP 12018962 £93.13 View
Rear Plate, upper BP 12018964 £83.03 View
Side plate, upper BP 12018966 £199.42 View
Smoke Outlet BP, , 125mm (5inch) Outside 12018969 £63.65 Smoke Outlet BP, , 125mm (5inch) Outsidezoom
Smoke outl cover F 118 BP 12018971 £55.08 Smoke outl cover F 118 BPzoom
Cooking Plate UP 12018973 £85.27 View
Sliding valve rear UP 12018975 £16.21 View
Leg, 4 pcs BP 12020875 £173.40 View
Plastic bag w/parts F 118 12021368 £33.35 Plastic bag w/parts F 118zoom
Front, lower, complete BP 12021677 £130.56 View
Rear plate outer, complete F 118 BP 12021678 £173.92 View
Top, upper, complete BP 12021679 £265.20 Top, upper, complete BPzoom
Heatshield rear BP 50012879 N/A Heatshield rear BPzoom *
Heatshield side BP 50012880 £210.00 Heatshield side BPzoom
Fire Cement - 300ml Tube FC300 £4.06 Fire Cement - 300ml Tubezoom
High Temperature Silicone SIL1 £7.18 High Temperature Siliconezoom
Jøtul Single Can Black Paint Pre 2018 - 400ml 50027282 £35.20 View
Jøtul Single Can Black Paint 2018 onward - 200ml 50052674 £33.35 Jøtul Single Can Black Paint 2018 onward - 200mlzoom
Screws and Fastenings
Screw Hexagon M6X50 10023535 £1.20 Screw Hexagon M6X50zoom
Screw Hex Head M6 X 25 Mm 10023536 £1.20 Screw Hex Head M6 X 25 Mmzoom
Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mm 10023541 £1.20 Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mmzoom
Screw Socket Set with Cup point M6x25 10023576 £1.20 Screw Socket Set with Cup point  M6x25zoom
Hinge pin, black chromated 10024103 £1.20 Hinge pin, black chromatedzoom
Washer 12016570 £1.20 View
Side/Top Fixing Bracket 12017313 £1.20 Side/Top Fixing Bracketzoom
Smoke Outlets & Flue Collars
Traverse Bar 12014263 £9.73 Traverse Barzoom