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Jøtul F 105 LL WHE Spare Parts



Help picking your parts

  1. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  2. Spare Parts List [Open PDF]

    Open the spare parts list and use the position number from the exploded diagram to find a part number and part name.

  3. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Vermiculite Baffle And 2x Side Burn Plates Jøtul F105 10048728 £89.70 View
Baffle Pin for F105 10054177 £2.17 View
Fire Grate BP 12049028 £35.32 View
Vermiculite Baffle, 2x Side Burn Plates & 2 Pins Jøtul F105 21050740 £92.15 View
Gasket Rope
Gasket 9.5mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket Between Glas And Door (1180mm), Gasket Between Glass Holder And Front (1350mm), Gasket Top Plate (1100mm)
50027203 £26.11 View
Gasket 8mm Flat x 5m
Used for: Gasket Under Glass (40mm)
50027204 £76.60 View
Gasket 6.4mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket Between Bottom And Rear Plate Inner (650mm), Gasket Between Burn Plate Rear And Rear Plate Inner (980mm), Gasket For Door Glass (1180mm), Gasket Smoke Outlet And Cover (500mm)
50027205 £24.55 View
Gasket Flat 187x18 with Adhesive 50027212 £36.00 View
HT Flexseal - High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesive Flexseal £9.00 View
Glass Cleaner (400ml) GLASS002 £7.00 View
Air Control handle Jøtul F105 10045797 £24.48 View
Nut M8 Mm 10023517 £0.78 View
Tapping Screw 4,2x13 Black DIN 6928 10023680 £ POA View *
Protection Cap M8 Hex Black 10026268 £ POA View *
F105 Hinge Complete With Spring 10049232 £69.00 View
Leg L Front R Back SL BP 12048652 £39.30 View
Leg R Front L Back SL BP 12048653 £26.69 View
Leg L Front R Back SL WHE 12048667 £53.42 View
Leg R Front L Back SL WHE 12048669 £53.42 View
Rear Plate Inner UP 12049017 £58.18 View
Air Deflector 12049030 £47.88 View
Door Incl. Gaskets BP 12049032 £68.88 View
Long Leg F105 Black Front Left/Back Right 12049042 £64.70 View
Long Leg F105 Black Back Left/Front Right 12049044 £64.70 View
Bottom Plate W/Gaskets BP 12049058 £161.63 View
Long Leg F105 White Back Right/Front Left 12049533 £59.18 View
Door Incl. Gaskets WHE 12049628 £167.62 View
Outside Air Connection Ø80mm 51047509 £160.00 View
Bottle of touch up paint White (WHE) 10038356 £31.50 View
Screws and Fastenings
Screw Countersunk M6 X 16mm 10023556 £0.78 View
Washer 8,4 X 20 X 1,5 10023559 £0.78 View
Screw Socket Set with Cup point M6x25 10023576 £1.32 View
Washer Round 6mm dia X 12mm X 0.5mm 10023579 £0.88 View
Screw hex. cap flange M8x20mm 10023662 £1.02 View
Screw Hex Cap Flange M8x25mm 10023663 £1.06 View
Nut hex. cap flange M6 Black DIN 6923 10023666 £0.76 View