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Jøtul F 100 SE Black Paint (BP) Spare Parts


Jøtul F 100 is a compact wood stove with capacity for logs of up to 40 cm long. This model has a small internal ash removal solution that makes removing the ashes an easy job. The ash lip catches ashes and sparks that may fall out of the combustion chamber.

The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and it is characterised by a traditional pattern used in Norwegian craft work. The F 100 is available in maintenance free enamel or black paint.

The F 100 SE or Special Edition version is similar to the F100 Black Paint but has a different door.

Help picking your parts

  1. Interactive Exploded Parts Diagram [Open]

    The easiest way to visually identify parts and check availability.

  2. Exploded Diagram [Open PDF]

    Open the exploded diagram and visually identify the part you need. Make a note of the position number and quantity needed.

  3. Spare Parts List [Open PDF]

    Open the spare parts list and use the position number from the exploded diagram to find a part number and part name.

  4. Translate old part numbers.

    The exploded diagrams and spare parts list often have old part numbers, or you might have a cast number on the part in your stove.

Spare Parts

Name Part No Price Details  
Burn Chamber
Baffle F100 12018331 £65.92 View
Burn plate Side F100 12018376 £41.28 View
Inner bottom F100 12018378 £75.94 View
Log/Ash Retainer F100 12018380 £28.74 View
Grate For F100 Multifuel 12018384 £82.38 View
Inner Bottom Rear F100 Multifuel 12018386 £52.00 View
Multifuel Kit F100 51012219 £195.00 View
Spring for self closing door 12021209 £101.16 View
Door Complete Excluding Glass F100 SE Black Paint (BP) 12021599 £221.22 View
Gasket Rope
Gasket 4.8mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for smoke outlet (500mm)
50027201 £26.11 View
Gasket 9.5mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for door (1620mm), Gasket for top plate (1620mm)
50027203 £26.11 View
Gasket 8mm Flat x 5m
Used for: Gasket for door catch (30mm), Gasket for rear plate (30mm)
50027204 £76.60 View
Gasket 6.4mm Diameter x 5m
Used for: Gasket for glass (1300mm), Gasket for rear plate (750mm), Gasket for valve plate (835mm)
50027205 £24.55 View
HT Flexseal - High Temperature Silicone Sealant & Gasket Adhesive Flexseal £9.00 View
Glass F100 10024654 £72.76 View
Glass Clip 12020930 £7.44 View
Glass Cleaner (400ml) GLASS002 £7.00 View
Wooden Knob For Handle 10024025 £7.80 View
Loose Handle Flat F100 New Ashpan 10026011 £8.10 View
Handle Curved Black Painted 12017311 £14.80 View
Separate Ash Door Handle. Nickel 12020081 £29.11 View
Handle Curved Nickel Plated 12020110 £21.90 View
Wooden knob and small parts 12020634 £17.92 View
Main Door Handle Complete Kit F100, F400, F500 Black 12021450 £47.10 View
Main Door Handle Complete Kit F100, F400, F500 Nickel Plated 12021451 £49.78 View
1 Leg 215mm Black Paint (BP) 12015042 £27.40 View
1 Short Leg 155mm Black Paint (BP) 12015095 £12.72 View
4 Short Legs 155mm Black Paint (BP) 51012177 £68.00 View
4 Legs 215mm Black Paint (BP) 51012223 £77.00 View
Heat Shield Rear F100 Black Paint (BP) 10024639 £49.20 View
Heat Shield Underneath F100 10024640 £ POA View *
Ashpan F100 10024642 £56.88 View
Sliding Valve F100/I80 12017438 £11.22 View
Valve plate F100 12018338 £ POA View *
Valve/cover plate F100/F250 12018340 £7.14 View
Bottom plate F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018345 £192.78 View
Side plate Right F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018364 £96.72 View
Side plate Left F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018369 £94.02 View
Front plate F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018374 £104.32 View
Rear plate new F100 12018819 £129.53 View
Ash lip packed F100 Black Paint (BP) 12021379 £53.10 View
Top plate complete new F100 Black Paint (BP) 12021582 £202.68 View
Air Deflector F100 Black Paint (BP) 12030879 £61.44 View
Primary Air Supply Lever F250/F100 129946 £26.08 View
Heat shield rear, untreated aluminized zinc 220251 £ POA View *
Heat Shield Back Complete F100 50012956 £229.86 View
Jøtul Single Can Black Paint 2018 onward - 200ml 50052674 £22.94 View
Jøtul Black Paint Pre 2018 - 400ml - Case of 12 PAINT001 £132.05 View
Screws and Fastenings
Washer Round 6,4 X 12,5 X 1,6 10023464 £0.72 View
Nut 6K M6 10023475 £0.76 View
Screw Hexagon M6X50 10023535 £1.06 View
Screw Hex Head M6 X 25 Mm 10023536 £0.94 View
Screw Hex Head M6 X 16mm 10023541 £0.88 View
Screw Hex Head 6K M6 X 12mm 10023545 £0.94 View
Washer 8,4 X 20 X 1,5 10023559 £0.78 View
M6 X 8Mm Screw Allen Key Head 10023561 £0.78 View
Washer F St Iron P3/8Td (Ic)B 10023578 £0.88 View
Pin 5 X 24 Mbt 10023592 £1.26 View
Screw Pan H Pos M6 X 40 Elz 10023611 £1.00 View
Nut hex. cap flange M6 Black DIN 6923 10023666 £0.76 View
Washer, insulating 10023919 £1.06 View
Hinge Pin, Nickel Chrome 10023975 £1.08 View
Spring 10024011 £1.27 View
Sleeve 10024023 £2.80 View
Hinge pin, black chromated 10024103 £1.08 View
Sleeve 10mm dia x 6.2mm dia x10mm 10024413 £1.90 View
Latch bolt 10024515 £12.24 View
Smoke Outlets & Flue Collars
Smoke outlet cover F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018325 £21.18 View
Smoke outlet, non dripless 125mm dia F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018329 N/A View
Smoke outlet cover new F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018811 £ POA View *
Smoke outlet, dripless 125mm dia new F100 Black Paint (BP) 12018816 £ POA View *
Smoke outlet, dripless 125mm dia UK F100 Black Paint (BP) 51012033 £32.40 View